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Turn Daily Social Tasks into Paychecks! Get Paid for your engagements.

Earn Daily Income for Posting Ads and Completing Simple Social Tasks for Individuals, Businesses, and Brands on Your Social Media Account.


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For Earners

Monetize Your Influence by posting Ads on Your Social Media platforms daily through performing social tasks for individuals, businesses and top brands.

For Advertisers

Boost your Reach by getting real-time users with 500+ followers to post or share your ads on their social media pages.

Dive into the realm of viral advertising wherever your adventures lead. Engage with ease!

Trendit³ is a social finance platform that connects advertisers with earners. Advertisers are those who want to grow or boost their social media presence by posting tasks for earners to perform, such as following, resharing, liking, and commenting, etc. Earners are individuals who are paid for completing these simple tasks on their social media platforms

Who is Trendit3 for ?

Repost adverts

With just few clicks you can help individuals and brands reach a wider audience and earn by simply reposting their ads.


Interact actively! Boost account growth by following, liking, commenting, resharing their posts, subscribing to their channels, and engaging in numerous other supportive activities!


Unlock earning potential by aiding businesses in reselling their products. Every successful sale you generate adds to your income. Embrace the mantra: Sell more, earn more! Start your journey to lucrative reselling today!

About Trendit³

Other benefits we are working on

We are improving the Trendit³ platform to facilitate buying real followers and engagement.

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Buy real followers and engagement

• Enhance the Trendit³ platform to facilitate buying real followers and engagement.
• Implement robust security measures to ensure the authenticity of followers and engagement.


Personalized wallet

• Develop a user-friendly and secure personalized wallet feature within the Trendit³ platform.
• Implement features such as transaction history, balance tracking, and customizable settings.
• Integrate robust security measures to protect users' funds and personal information.

Coming soon

We collect giveaways for you

• Develop a robust system to crawl various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, for giveaway content.
• Design a user-friendly interface within the Trendit³ platform to display the curated giveaway pools.
• Aggregate the collected giveaway data into a centralized database for easy access and management.

Coming soon

Customisable settings.

After building 5 of our own businesses, we started helping others build apps/websites for their businesses.

Open Changelog

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